Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Part 15 of a Long Journey

By Dennis Matanda

Life is hard; already. And God knows that you did not need any more philosophy or philandering minds! I am both of these, I admit. I know not what has happened these five months now - but I woke up on the wrong side of fresh air and decided that I wanted to start all over again. And then I went dark. It was nice.

Then the awning begun to claw at me. And again, I needed to be back to work - to write and so, just like that, I am back to the discipline.

Life sucks, does it not?

No it doesn't.

But Master of the Sagging Cheeks does. He is in the back of the burner - put on hold by library stops, cups of lousy coffee and a certain obsession with the unbearable lightness of just being lackadaisical.

And again - just like that - I am back to spewing phlegm and hiding right in the middle of an awning, rumbling, full of rubbish and of course, a certain indignity.

Same time, next time?



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